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Warning: “Russian campaign” threatens millions of computers

Warning: “Russian campaign” threatens millions of computers



The United States and Britain said on Monday that Russian government-backed infiltrators had hit computer routers around the world in an electronic espionage campaign that targeted government agencies, companies and agencies operating an important infrastructure.
US and British officials told reporters in a telephone conference that they planned to issue a joint warning on attacks on router devices, a key part of Internet infrastructure, in an e-mail campaign that could be used in future attacks.

“When we see malicious activities on the Internet, whether outside the Kremlin or any malicious actors at the state level, we will respond,” White House security coordinator Rob Joyce was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The White House accused Russia in February of being responsible for the devastating 2017 Nett Betia attack to join Britain in denouncing the launch of the Shell virus in parts of Ukraine’s infrastructure and damaging computers across the world.

The US and British governments said they planned to issue a joint report detailing the technical details of the attacks so that organizations could see if they were attacked and could also thwart any similar piracy attempts in the future.

“Infected routers can be set up for use in times of tension,” said Kieran Martin, chief executive of the National Security Center of the British government. “Millions of devices have been targeted.”


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